New voting bill signed in Florida

According to the media in Tampa, it appears that the Florida Governor Rick Scott has signed the bill that entails the online voter registration to take place in Florida by the year of 2017. It was reported that the bill was signed with some hesitation, but most legislators agree that this was a very pleasant surprise. And it is considered a surprise due to the fact that Ken Detzner, Secretary of state and the Governor’s chief elections official was energetically trying to kill the proposal.073d2c3

Governor Scot was reported to have expressed concern over the timing in which this registration has to take place. He said that this particular voting system has been exhibiting issues with the maintenance, which has become a real hindrance for the election supervisors who are unable to perform their duties as they should because of that fact. Besides from that, Governor Rick Scott has also said that the issue of cyber-security was still a problem, which means that this new voting system would be vulnerable to various hacker attacks.

He has further expressed his discomfort with the cyber-security problem by saying that hacker attacks have become a daily news all over the world, as well as identity thefts, and that it is a huge problem for this new voting system. However, the Governor stated that he has full confidence in the Department of State, as well as the logoDepartment of Highway and Motor Vehicles, and expressed his belief that these offices will perform their duties prudently and carefully when it comes to the safety of the citizens of Florida.

The decision to sign this bill has eased the minds of many legislators, voting rights advocates, as well as election supervisors. They all believed that this bill was never going to be signed due to the fact that the Governor’s chief elections official was against it so enthusiastically. However, the bill was signed, and all these people say that this was a good decision, and have congratulated to the people of Florida.

They claim that Ken Detzner was very wrong for fighting this bill due to the fact that it has an almost hundred percent support among the voters in Florida, and that if the bill was not signet, Detzner would lose all his credibility because he was fighting using suspicious arguments, and that is never a good thing.

votingAll around the United States of America, 21 states have implemented this voting system, and five more of them are on their way to do so, with Florida being one of them. Florida experts claim that this is a good thing and that it will lead Florida forward in the field of electoral technology, much like it has lead other states in the United States.

Even though the bill was passed with mostly Democratic votes and with Republicans being against it, the fact that a Republican Governor Rick Scott has signed it shows that a good bill should always be voted for besides the fact that it was supported by the opposite party.

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