Police Make Arrest Following Murder at a Florida Based K&W Cafeteria

The K&W Cafeteria in North Florida is typically a place where tourists and locals come together to enjoy a good meal and some quiet conversation. But this summer, the restaurant drew attention due to a tragic shooting that has left local police in search of clues for the unsolved murder.

According to city officials, witnesses reported hearing gunshots in the parking lot in July and then observing as a man dragged a woman out of a white vehicle. One witness said the man then got back into the vehicle and drove away, with another passenger still in the car. The woman was left for dead.

Deputy Coroner Tamara Willard identified the victim as 29-year-old Amanda Fisher, a resident of nearby Brunswick County. According to city spokesperson Pat Dowling, the two men involved in the murder were seen with the victim earlier that morning and the evening prior. Police are now actively searching for the two men who have been identified only as persons of interest in the murder investigation.police-investigation

Police asked for anyone with information about the murder or the identity of the men involved to contact the North Florida Police Department. They hoped to receive information that would lead to the eventual capture and arrest of the men responsible for Fisher’s tragic death.

Just days after the victim was identified, investigators discovered that Fisher was a key witness in a case involving a Mecklenburg County murder from 2012. Police eventually tracked down the men after identifying them from photos left on Fisher’s cell phone.

The suspects were both placed under arrest in Charlotte and identified as 20-year-old Nicolas Mciver and 29-year-old Terrell Freeman. Investigators said that Freeman was actually arrested based on a parole violation and Mciver was arrested on charges of burning Fisher’s car and possession of a stolen vehicle.

Fisher reportedly moved to the Florida area recently after being subpoenaed to testify against her boyfriend in the Charlotte murder case. No details have been released so far on the motive surrounding her murder or whether it was directly related to her testimony on the stand. There is also no word on whether her family will pursue legal action in a wrongful death lawsuit.

police-arrestFlorida’s premier wrong death attorney, Matthew Jacobs of John Bales, recently commented on the tragic murder. “While circumstances surrounding this fatal shooting remain unclear, this is a far too common occurrence in our area. Each year, we see increased wrongful death and personal injury cases related to domestic violence.”

While there is no official word on whether Fisher died because of her involvement in the murder trial, many in the Charlotte community allege that there is a correlation. At no point in the proceedings of the trail did prosecutors or police ever tell Fisher that she would be danger as the result of her involvement, but just three months later she was shot in cold blood. It could be a terrible coincidence, but many are simply not convinced. If you are interested in more details about this case contact John Bales Attorneys.

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