Law firm in Tampa leaves hundreds of workers jobless

Huge and terrible news have hit Tampa and the State of Florida, as well as the rest of the United States of America. According to the media, hundreds of employees of a law firm called “Butler & Hosch” have lost their jobs, due to the fact that this huge firm was practically closed very abruptly. The problem goes even further, since this firm operates and conducts business all over the United States of America.British musicians Miss Dynamite and Charlie Simpson stand in line outside a job centre

This law firm has been hiring new people every week and has been extremely busy, having hundreds and hundreds of cases under its wing. This firm is also active in 25 other states, and has recently expanded due to the fact that it had bought a different law firm around four months ago. It seemed to be doing extremely well in their business, which includes mortgage foreclosures as well as bankruptcy cases for other lenders and various corporations.

Nevertheless, all that changed in a conference that took place on Thursday evening, when some bad news was told by the firm officials. It appears that the firm is strapped for cash, and cannot make any payments and even give salaries to the workers. unemploymentThe employees were informed of this on that conference, and were also told that they should not expect any payments for the last three weeks that they spent on the job. The employees were furious, which is understandable seeing how all of them have bills to pay, but now, it seems as if they are only trying to move forward with their lives.

Some employees told the press that they have been working overtime in the past months, due to the fact that there was so much work because of the firm’s expansion. And now, they are told that they will not see any of that money that they have earned by working hard. Now, all that is left for them is to clean their desks, and go home and brush up on their resumes. They are worried, because they do not know how to survive the following months without jobs, and without the money that they have earned.

On the other hand, according to some of the media, this firm has not yet filed for bankruptcy. But, there seems to be no light at the end of this tunnel, because it has filed for an assignment for the benefit of the creditors. This is a clear sign that this firm is on the brink of liquidation.unemployed-man-with-sign

It appears that the heads of this firm do not care about laws, because it is not legal to refuse to pay your employees, and the legal workers have advised the workers to get in touch with the Department of Labor. It is still possible for the workers to get at least some of the money they earned, but if the firm files for bankruptcy, such a thing would be extremely difficult, and some would even dare to say that such a thing would be flat out impossible.

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