Florida gets 27 new laws

Florida will soon have to familiarize itself with as much as 27 new laws that were signed by this state’s Governor. These signed laws will come take effect on July 1st of this year; but all that would not be that unusual it there was not for one particular law that deals with drones and the people’s privacy.

Scales-of-Justice-01This abovementioned law would prohibit the drones from recording any kind of footage of the private properties as well as their owners while flying above them, according to the media in Tampa. To put things in perspective, we’re going to give you an example: if a realtor was taking some picture of a properties that he wishes to sell, he would need to acquire a permission for that from the neighbor, if the neighbor’s yard or home, or any kind of property gets in that photo.

But, this is not the most unusual of the laws that were recently signed. Here’s a few that have been submitted to us by johnbales.com; Among them is a Beer law that allows 64-ounce bottles to be filled with beer, which was not permitted in the past. There was a huge discussion about it, and it has been running for the past three years, and the microbreweries and the big-money beer interests were the main contests of it. In the past, only 32-ounce growlers were allowed to be filled with beer, as well as 128-ounce growlers. This new law has met the middle, and agreed that from now on, beer could be poured into 64-ounce growlers. Local breweries believe that this will be the momentum they have needed in order to start expanding their business, and according to Mike Doble, a well know brewer from Tampa, in the past the people would want a growler to be filled with beer when coming to him and his brewery. He says that he would always want to help people and fill their 64-ounce growlers, but simply, the law would not permit him to do so. So, he was between a rock and a hard place. But now, he says that the answer to this problem has come in a form of this new law.16971811-mmmain

But, this law does not limit itself only on the growlers, because it rectifies the old law’s limitations on how many tap rooms can breweries have and what is the amount of beer that can be transferred. And, this law changes all of that. Mike Doble says that now, due to this new law, even the oldest breweries in Tampa and Florida will be able to survive and continue with their tradition. And not only that, they will now be able to expand! He also stated that he is pleased because the lawmakers were able to create a terrific balance between making something that will be great for the consumers, and not imposing too many restrictions on it.

So, these laws may sound silly to some, but actually, they are of great importance. Without the proper regulations, everyday life would turn to agony, and the good thing about these laws is the fact that the experts agree that it will make the life a bit easier.

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